365 Spoons in 2015: Day 14

So here we are so far. 14 days in. With a thing a day project, you face many idiosyncrasies of human nature. There is always overcoming the desire to give yourself a pass for the day, even on those late nights when you just want to go to bed. But there is also the facing of your inner fears that you just aren’t good enough to pull off a successful project that is the magnitude of making a thing a day for an entire year; through exhaustion, sickness, and vacation! What makes the project a success? I think that will be something that I will know further along in the process. I already know that having the accountability of making a daily post is creating discipline in my daily routine. What I am learning is, that in doing a daily creative exercise, I am forcing myself to explore the subject and attempt to overcome my self-doubt. Too heavy? Probably. I’ll most likely have a sunnier outlook after dinner. 🙂


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