Spoon a Day Challenge, 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 47

It was a blizzard here in Ky. today. We don’t normally have 8-10 inches of snow in one day. The kids are loving it though! Two snow days declared this week so far. Will we have school at all this week?! It sure looks possible that they will be out all week long. I don’t really like trading June days off from school for February days off from school. The kids live in the present, though, and they just want to be off NOW! Make-up days? Those are NOT NOW, therefore, irrelevant. LOL

Snow day spoonage:

0216152318 0216152318c 0216152318d

Spoon a Day Challenge, 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 43, Small and Puffy Spoon

Small, hollow spoon. Created from two flat slabs of clay and gently made to be rounded. Then joined together to form the spoon. I know, I know…I should have taken pictures of the process…my explanation is definitely lacking.


0212152217 0212152218 0212152219 0212152219a

Spoon a Day Challenge, 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 42

Simple textured smallish clay spoon, with stamped sprigs applied at neck. My family wanted me to make today’s spoon a tribute to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I haven’t read it and I didn’t have any idea where to start with that…so I’ll just say that today is day number 42, the answer to life, the universe and everything. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

0211152133 0211152133a 0211152133b

365 Spoons in 2015: Day 41, Lines and Vintage Graffiti

I love the background for these shots. It is an old school desk from Grainger County, TN, where my mom went to school as a girl. The boys used to bring pocket knives to school and whittle away at the desk when they were bored. The spoon is formed from one piece of clay and is solid. I hope that it doesn’t explode as thick clay is wont to do. I love the simplicity of this one.


0210152029 0210152029a 0210152029b