Spoon a Day Challenge, Make 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 124, Olive Spoon

Cute little olive spoon with holes.

I was looking up the Wikipedia article about all the different types of spoons to see what I should call this spoon with the holes. I knew that it was an olive spoon, but I don’t know how to refer to the holes. According to the article, the best way to refer to it is a slotted olive spoon. Slotted just doesn’t seem like the right word to refer to holes in the spoon. So, I just left it at “olive spoon with holes”… I may think of something better later.

The Wikipedia article ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_types_of_spoons )has tons of different types of spoons listed. Some of the stranger ones were: ear spoons (for removing ear wax), mustard spoons (specifically for mustard…who knew?) and Apostle spoons (a christening gift with an apostle at the end of the handle).IMG_20150504_234444-001