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Spoon a Day Challenge, Make 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 69

I am experimenting with a narrow handle. I am concerned that it will be too fragile to hold up to much use. I will test it out. I love the sleek lines it has! I again used the darker clay that looks so much like chocolate in its leather hard stage.

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365 Spoons in 2015: Day 41, Lines and Vintage Graffiti

I love the background for these shots. It is an old school desk from Grainger County, TN, where my mom went to school as a girl. The boys used to bring pocket knives to school and whittle away at the desk when they were bored. The spoon is formed from one piece of clay and is solid. I hope that it doesn’t explode as thick clay is wont to do. I love the simplicity of this one.


0210152029 0210152029a 0210152029b

365 Spoons in 2015: Day 39, Sgraffito Spoon

Spoon formed in two parts. Bowl part is a pinch pot and the handle is a long rectangular slab rolled up into a tube. (That reminds me, I need to poke a tiny hole in it so that it doesn’t explode in the kiln!) It was then painted with black underglaze (3 coats) and the designs were then carved into the leather hard clay. Reminds me of zentangles!


0208152157 0208152157a 0208152158 IMG_20150208_215157 IMG_20150208_215352

365 Spoons in 2015: Day 36, Small Scoop and Kiln Opening

I am so pleased with today’s kiln opening! Everything came out well; no problems in the firing. That. Never. Happens. So needless to say….SUPER HAPPY!!

Today’s spoon, #36, is a small scoop. Handbuilt from a small slab. The scoop part is all one piece with two cuts and folded in on itself. Then a flat strip for the handle. I tried to get Harry to pose with the scoop, but he was convinced that I was up to no good!

Lots of pictures today, spoon first and then all the kiln opening pics.


02051521420205152143IMG_20150205_2135450205151752 0205151801 0205151802 0205151807 0205151819   IMG_20150205_182036

365 Spoons in 2015: Day 28, Salt Cellar

One of these days, I will do the daily spoon thing EARLY in the day! Tonight, I got wrapped up in other things and was about to call it a night, when I realized that I hadn’t yet done today’s spoon. Never fear. I did make a spoon of the day. I had been thinking earlier about making a small spoon to go with a salt cellar. I have seen these, but I have never used one before. Fancy!0129150024 0129150025