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Spoon a Day Challenge, Year of Spoons: Completed and on Display!

The show is up! I am so grateful to 5-0-Lou on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, KY for giving me the venue to display my 365 day project. They recently opened up their store and it looks amazing! It is a terrific location and they are wonderful to work with to boot! Thank you guys! It is so incredible to finally see the whole project on display. It will be up through June 15th, 2016.



Spoon a Day Challenge, Make 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 69

I am experimenting with a narrow handle. I am concerned that it will be too fragile to hold up to much use. I will test it out. I love the sleek lines it has! I again used the darker clay that looks so much like chocolate in its leather hard stage.

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Spoon a Day Challenge, Make 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 63, Chinese Soup Spoon

I’m loving this Chinese soup spoon! It has a generous, self-supporting bowl; perfect for slurping noodles. It also uses black underglaze that has been scraped away (sgraffito). This will be glazed with a clear glaze and the final result will be a stark, black and white design.

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