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Spoon a Day Challenge, Make 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 71

Textured coffee scoop with hollow handle.

I made another cat spoon today, but I made a “safe” coffee scoop to post instead. This is the third time I have made one and didn’t have the guts to post it. I just look at them and they look so silly! I don’t know, maybe one day I will be brave enough to post it whether I hate it or not!

0312152215a 0312152215b

365 Spoons in 2015: Day 38, Double-Sided Spoon/Scoop

This is a double-sided spoon/scoop formed by hand from one chunk of clay whilst watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. On Instagram (sonyajpenn), I posted a short video of it being turned over so that you can see both sides well.


0207152341 0207152342 0207152343

365 Spoons in 2015: Day 36, Small Scoop and Kiln Opening

I am so pleased with today’s kiln opening! Everything came out well; no problems in the firing. That. Never. Happens. So needless to say….SUPER HAPPY!!

Today’s spoon, #36, is a small scoop. Handbuilt from a small slab. The scoop part is all one piece with two cuts and folded in on itself. Then a flat strip for the handle. I tried to get Harry to pose with the scoop, but he was convinced that I was up to no good!

Lots of pictures today, spoon first and then all the kiln opening pics.


02051521420205152143IMG_20150205_2135450205151752 0205151801 0205151802 0205151807 0205151819   IMG_20150205_182036

365 Spoons in 2015: Day 27, Coffee Scoop

You may wonder why my spoons and scoops have such thick handles. The reason is simple. I make the handles a bit more sturdy to prevent breakage. Ceramic spoons are more delicate than wooden or metal spoons. They need to be handled gently. So, I add a little extra material in order to make them stronger.

I hope that this week I will be able to share some completed, glazed spoons with everyone. I got some new ceramic rods that fit on the bead rack in my kiln. These, theoretically, will support the weight of my spoons so that I can have glaze over the entire piece. We shall see if they are indeed stronger than the high temp wire I have been using!


0127152215 0127152216 0127152216a