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Spoon a Day Challenge, Year of Spoons: Completed and on Display!

The show is up! I am so grateful to 5-0-Lou on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, KY for giving me the venue to display my 365 day project. They recently opened up their store and it looks amazing! It is a terrific location and they are wonderful to work with to boot! Thank you guys! It is so incredible to finally see the whole project on display. It will be up through June 15th, 2016.



Spoon a Day Challenge, Make 365 Clay Spoons in 2015: Day 200 through 210!!

Yes, I have been making spoons! I am just really behind in putting them on the website. I did get them out to Instagram and Facebook in a more timely manner, though.

School will start back soon and my routine will be back in place again. Summer has been a real challenge for me to make these every day. I had originally thought that summer would be an easier time to stick to the challenge, but the longer days equal more fun in the sun and less time in the studio. I have to take my time with the kids for the short time that they are still kids; the studio will still be here after the kids have left for greener pastures.

Background created my my eldest to mark the 200th spoon milestone.
Two scoop Tuesday!!
Texture created with a button (swirls) and a shell (small circles).
Playing with purple underglaze.
My favorite two shell texture that reminds me of a peacock feather.
self supporting, curly-handled spoon
Texture created with a shell, bendy straw and a cat ball.
Texture created with a button, bendy straw and shell.